Saturday, 2 October 2010

The owls are hooting in the morning mist

You remember the knitting project I started in July while I was at my parent's place? Well, I did finish the knitting part itself only three weeks from there, but then it took me ages to find the inspiration to "decorate" it. I've been working on it on and off every once in a while, but this morning I finally sewed on the last pearls. So here's the result:

The pattern is called Owls and I found it so cute that I just HAD to make one for myself. And I really like it. It's soft, warm and sweet :) Although the knit itself turned out a bit too loose, but I don't actually mind. At least the size fits perfectly. The original pattern suggested just buttons for eyes, but after looking at some other versions of this sweater, I decided to take it one step further:

Although these two owls are a bit special. There's one girl owl with eye-lashes and then a guy beside her that can't seem to believe his eyes :) The rest of the owls are just basics with eyes pointing to different directions. And then there's one owl with a beak.

The weather has also been lovely autumn-ish today. The mist never cleared, but the sun was still shining. I actually love this time of the year when the sun is getting a bit lower. It brings so wonderful colour-variations to the nature when the upper parts of the trees are coloured by the yellow sunlight while a shadow is covering the lover parts. I think it's really beautiful. And the mist makes the lanscape so mysterious. Lovely.


  1. Så söt tröja! Jag gillar färgen på den också :)

  2. Tack! :D Jag är själv också riktigt nöjd. Synd bara att Novita inte tillverkar det här garnet mera...

  3. Wow, den är jättefin! Helt ljuvlig :) Har du kvar mönstret?

  4. Tack Malle! Jo, tror nog jag har lagt undan mönstret någonstans här hemma. Men åtminstone finns det internet. Mönstret heter Owls.

  5. Meh.. Hittade det nog, men man måste köpa det numera. Har bara elektron, inte nåt häftigare kreditkort :(