Sunday, 18 September 2011

New school

The past two or three weeks have just been crazy. I've barely had time to sleep in between of running from one place to another. I've started working 3-5 days a week and then the courses at the handicraft teaching program has also started. On top of all this, I finally managed to finish a first version of my master's thesis in history that I last monday sent to the professor for comments and suggestions for how to make it better before I officially hand it in. So, in other word, I haven't had that much time to do anything else than "compulsory" stuff.

So far I've enjoyed the handicraft courses very, very much. It's so different to history that very much circles around books. During the handicraft lessons we actually make something with our hands, that really makes the time fly by. I mean, a four-hour lesson usually feels much shorter than a normal 90 min history lesson. Everything feels so inspiring and I just wish I'll soon have more time to carry out all my ideas in action.

So, what have we done so far? Well, not that much. We've been practising on sewing machines, using different kinds of techniques. Then, in another course, we've studied colours, and that actually feels like being back in high school - but in a positive way! It's very refreshing and relaxing to sit and just mix different colours. I haven't painted with watercolours in years so it was very nice to realize how much more fun it was than I remembered. And not at all as hard to control than I remembered. Here's my humble achievements from the first lesson:

Then, during the time I spent in a bus from one place to another, I did have time to finish this:

A very basic hat for the winter. Not for myself, but for a friend.

Pattern: my own/mix of several
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä and some unidentified black yarn I found in my stash
Needles: 3 mm

That's all for this time. Hope to be able to update more often from now on!


  1. Minäkin istuin juuri maalailemassa noita juttuja. Sultahan näytti onnistuneen hyvin!
    En muista nähneeni sua koululla, mutta sille on näköjään selityksensä, kuulostaa tosi kiireiseltä sun elämä.
    Nähdään! Terveisin Paula J

  2. Heippa! Kyllähän elämäni melko kiireistä on, mutta se, ettet minua koululla ole nähnyt, johtuunee enimmäkseen siitä, että opiskelen vain maanantaisin ja torstaisin. Joten ensimmäisessä periodissa olen vain kahdella kurssilla: ompelu ja visuaalinen suunnittelu. Mutta toivottavasti törmäillään ja päästäis tutustumaan syksyn mittaan!