Saturday, 3 March 2012

For small and fancy projects

Look, look! Isn't it sweet??

It's perfect for small sewing projects when you only need a few pins at a time. Plus, it really makes you feel fancy! I swear! When I put on this ring I feel kind of special. Like a princess in the land of fabrics.

And the best part is that it was really easy to make! It didn't even take me half an hour to finish. So if you want one of these too, don't hesitate! I'm sure most of you have all the things you need already at home. And if not, use you imagination! ;) You find the easy, illustrated instructions here.

Then I also made a normal pincushion for myself, because believe it or not, I didn't have one before. For this I followed the same theme as for the baby cardigan I knitten not that long ago. The sheep-button was left over from that project. Now I have my own lamb on a field :) Baa baa!


  1. Just love these! That ring is something really Alice in Wonderland!

  2. Never thought about it before, but that is so true! Very much Alice in Wonderland! Now all that is missing is the white rabbit.

  3. Söpöjä neulatyynyjä - kiitos linkistä!

  4. Kiitos, ja oleppa hyvä! :)