Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Warming up for 2013!

A late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! You know, I was so inspired the whole of December by all the supernice stuff I saw on blogs right before Christmas, but I never found the time to make any of them. But then I finally decided to join Pinterest and therefor I now have a huge bunch of ideas piled up and waiting for me. Now I only have to find the time for it all, which might be a bit hard again due to the fact that I already combine a full-time job with studies at the university. But nevertheless, I do have a lot of things to show you (and more to come, too, I hope!), most of them with pictures taken already before the nature turned white... But I'll get back to that later. In stead I begin with the very first knitting project 2013:

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Novita Saana
Needles: 3 mm

What is it then? Well it's a cosy cover for something very useful this time of the year: a hot water bottle. This was made for a friend who uses these kinds of bottles during the winter. It used to have an old cover, but that one was too thin, so she asked me to knit a thicker one. And here you see the result.

I used the figure 8 -cast on, so the only seams is on the top, on both sides of the ribbing. That also means the cover is knitted onto the bottle, so you can't take it out anymore, it's stuck inside :) The crochet heart in the middle is called Hearts by Barbara Summers and you can find it here. For my heart I used Novita Tico Tico and hook 2,5 mm.

Hope she'll like it! :)


  1. Thank you, it's great! I tried it last night and it was very nice. Plus I love the colour! =)

  2. Great! I'm glad you like it! :) It was fun making it too.

  3. Oh that's nice! I also have a hot water bottle - but I've never met a fellow Finn who would use one! :-D

  4. Pinterest är väldigt beroendeframkallande, fastän nackdelen är att man blir inspirerad men sen inte har tillräckligt med motivation att göra saker...
    Jag är idaearuby förresten, skulle vara roligt om du lade till mig! :)

  5. A-L: Haha, nice to see you'll finally found a fellow lover of hot water bottles! :)

    Linda: Du har helt rätt, Pinterest är super! Lade förresten till dig nu.