Monday, 16 September 2013


These baby owls and their retro cabled friend found their way to a new home last Friday. Two of my good friends are having a baby in a few weeks. We decided to surprise the soon-to-be-mom and organized a small yet sweet and warm babyshower. Have any of you ever been to a babyshower? This was my first and I didn't actually know what to expect. But it really was cosy. We ate good food, talked about babies, played a few baby-themed games and then gave the mother some presents.

Pattern for the hat: I Heart Cables
Pattern for the mittens: UuuuHu!
Needles: 3 mm
Yarn: Falk by Dalegarn and Villainen by Kotikulta

Since I used a thinner yarn than was suggested in the pattern for the hat, I casted on for size "child". In the end, it did turn out a little too big for a baby, but then again, I'm sure it'll fit the little girl soon enough anyway. One thing I don't like is the earflaps. For some reason they just keep curling up even though I've tried blocking them and all. Perhaps I did something wrong?! :/

The pattern for the mittens is written in Norwegian, but that didn't stop me :) I casted on 44 stitches and worked a k2p2 -rib. Then I just followed the pattern as it was written (except for the UHU-part). And I just have to say: aren't they just soooo CUTE?! I'd like to have mittens like these too!! I mean, awww! <3

The mittens are attached to the cabled hat by an icord strap. This feature was actually someting the couple had asked me to do. The strap is removable since it's fastened with buttons (and with crochet buttonholes). This way they can always choose whether or not to use the whole set at once.

I hope they liked it. And that the babygirl will like it too! :)