Sunday, 29 December 2013


Hi everyone! I'm finally back after a very busy autumn. So sorry for not updating anything in ages! There was just so much to do with both work and studies. But don't you worry, I still had the time to actually finish some smaller things, and here's one of them:

Double seahorse mittens! For the really cold winter that hasn't arrived yet... In other words, I still haven't been able to test how warm these mittens really are, but I'm feeling quite confident.

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds Chunky (brown) and Novita tico tico (white)
Needles: 6 mm and 2 mm

I started by casting on 24 stitches using 6 mm needles and the chunky brown yarn, then increasing to 30 stitches after the k2p2 rib. For the thumb I used 12 stitches and the rest is just a very simple basic mitten. When I had almost reached the place for the thumb, I started to pick up 48 stitches for the inner mitten right where the rib ends.  (In other words, the rib isn't double!) For this I used 2 mm needles and the thinner yarn. The thumb for the inner mitten is knitted with 20 stitches. Then I actually knitted these two mittens at the same time, always a few rows at a time. I finished the inner mitten first, and then just knitted the outer mitten on top of that. And tadaa - my first double mitten was ready!

There's one tiny but quite funny little "mistake" with the mittens. Somehow I managed to pick up and start knitting the stitches for the second inner mitten the opposite way as the first one. This means that in the first mitten, the purled side is facing my palm, while the knitted side is facing my palm in the second mitten. And I actually like the second mitten better.... :)

Ready for the winter! :)

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