Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Let's keep the children happy!

Phew, only a few weeks of school left this year! I'm so looking forward to going back to work. Then, at least, I'll have time for knitting in the evenings again. Yay!

A while ago, I happened to hear that a 2-year-old boy needed some new socks and I have to admit I find it almost impossible to resist such an offer to knit something that small and quick.

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Kotikulta Villainen
Needles: 2mm

As he is a boy on the very lively side, already walking and running about, I thought just a pair of woolen socks might be a little bit too slippery for him. So to remedy that, I also sewed on some pawprints in leather. Hope he won't slip and fall with these on, anymore!

I'm actually quite happy with these, although the leather was a pain in the ass to sew on... Not going to do that again very soon.

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