Thursday, 12 June 2014

Colour splash

Knitting something together is fun!

I just got the news that one of our colleagues at work gave birth to a baby boy a few days ago. And this is the present we gave her already when she left on maternity leave:

Everyone helped out by knitting or crocheting at least a few patches, and then I volunteered to crochet them all together. I have to admit that when I first got all the patches in all the different colours, it was quite hard to picture a nice, harmonious baby blanket. All the patches were just so different! But I think it turned out absolutely lovely in the end! It's got some special kind of charm about it. Sweet and colourful, but yet quite peaceful.


  1. I absolutely adore that one! oh why I never got something that "boho" and lovely to my babies? I would have lover that one. but hey - it is not too late for me to knit and crochet something similar now - a lap blanket or something - innit?

  2. Thanks! I loved the way this turned out, too! And no, it's never too late to knit or crochet your own patchwork blanket. You always need one here in Finland: during the cold winter, or out on the sea, or just to cover up your legs during a chilly summer night. I've been dreaming about crocheting a blanket for myself too, using all the lovely colours from my dying pot.