Saturday, 28 February 2015

For a friend in need

Pattern: 48. Pashminahuivi by Novita
Yarn: teetee Kamena (?)
Needles: 3,25 mm

A good friend of my came to me with a few skeins of yarn (I'm pretty sure it's Kamena) that her mom had intended for a sweater but never gotten around finishing. Now my friend asked if I could make something for her out of it. A shawl maybe? And who am I to say no to an offer to knit?

I've used this pattern once before and I'm using that shawl a lot at work. It's warm and big and so soft. And I do like the pattern. It's very simple but I actually don't mind. It's nice to knit something simple every once in a while. ...Or that's what I thought before starting the project. After only a few repeats of the lace pattern, I suddenly remembered how utterly boring it was to knit. Nothing new ever happens! You just keep knitting the same thing over and over again. And eventually this started to feel just like a new never ending project.

But after finishing that big black shawl, I picked myself up and started working on this one on high speed. And it didn't eventually take me long to finish. Once I did finish it, I just couldn't help but wonder how on earth it had felt so difficult to get those last 50 cm done.

I do like the result, though. Perhaps even more than my own version of the shawl. I absolutely love the colour! And I think my friend will find it useful and warming in the old house they're living in.

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