Saturday, 1 August 2015

Squirrels on a spring break in Paris

I made these socks already in May as a birthday present for my other half. We also had a mini vacation in Paris during that time. And since I've photographed more than enough there during my spring as an exchange student, I decided to take my old pocket camera with me in stead. You know, just to get some decent pictures of these socks. But when we got back home I just couldn't find the cable I needed to transfer the photos to the computer. I looked everywhere, but it's gone. And it took me this long to finally buy a new one.

Pattern:  Ekornsokkene (but only for the squirrels)
Yarn: Drops Alpaca
Needles: 2 mm

From the moment I saw this pattern I knew I would have to knit these socks for Mr V. He loves squirrels. So I took him with me to a yarn shop and, without telling him what they were meant for, I asked him to choose some yarn in three different colours. And the funny thing is that he chose exactly the same colours as I would have chosen!

I actually used the pattern only for the squirrels. I decided to skip the other stripe and knit the squirrels twice in stead. Then I also had to design an oak leaf and an acorn to make the pattern fit the required amount of stitches. The rest is just a plain, simple sock.


  1. Hur fick Ville fötterna så där högt upp på Eiffeltornet?? :-) (bild 4)

  2. Melko komeeseen ympäristöön on oravat päässeet. Sinulle löytyy haaste blogistani :)

  3. P: ekorrar är bra på att klättra!
    Kurjenmarja: Kiitos haasteesta! :) Tartun siihen huomenna!