Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Some finished handicrafts

I don't know if you remember that I earlier showed you a picture of a scarf I had started knitting. Well, now it's finished! And looks like this:

Oh, what a lovely autumn day it was when we took that picture... There were still a lot of yellow and orange leaves on the trees. Now it's just dull outside.

I also finished another scarf that I use when I'm working, because it's always so cold in the museum. And where we sit when we don't have any guided tours etc, there's the air-conditioning right above our heads, so all of us guids who's been sitting there, always have a stiff neck and shoulders. Anyway, that one looks like this:

I don't like this one that much... There's too many errors :) But well, it was my first lace-scarf, so I guess you have to start somewhere...

Then I also managed to knit my first mittens ever! Yay! (No, I didn't even knit mittens in school. I know it's strange, but it's true. It wasn't compulsory for us) I'm actually very pleased with the result, even though they turned out to be a bit too big for me, so I'll give them to my mum in stead. Maybe the next pair I'll make will fit better.

Ok, there was a lot of handicraft-news this time. I hope you, who aren't interested in handicrafts didn't mind. But for you guys I have one thing to say: You don't know what you miss! Doing handicrafts is just so relaxing. And you feel so pleased when you've successfully finished something. You should try it! :)

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  1. Oj, scarfarna är jättefina!
    Jag är såå avundsjuk, har velat sticka nånting i evigheter! Har själv aldrig stickat sockor tidigare.