Wednesday, 18 August 2010


After surfing around on different handicraft-blogs, I got inspired and made a new pair of earrings. They're very simple and not at all like the fabulous creations on the blogs, but I like time anyway. They suit me. And I call then Cherry-berry earrings :)

I also started making a necklace, but that one isn't finished yet. I guess my inspiration just flew away...

Then I also got a (in my own opinion) splendid idea! I want to start a hobby-club! When I was out for a walk with a friend this afternoon, I told her about my idea, and now I already have one member! Yay! The idea for the concept is simply to have an excuse to meet friends more often. Everyone could bring some of their hobbies with them and then we could gather somewhere, maybe eat some good food and just spend time together. And as I'd like the club to be very liberal, a hobby wouldn't even be compulsory. Or you could bring a movie, or a book, or whatever! The most important thing would be to bring yourself. Tell me, isn't this a good idea? :)

Now, what could be a good name for the club...? Hmm...

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