Saturday, 21 August 2010

White pearls!

More pearls! :) I actually finished another necklace too:

(Note the panda looking over my shoulder ;))

The white pearls are actually rather old. I think they used to belong to my great grandmother Katarina but then she or my grandmother gave them to me already when I was pretty young. Then they've just been in my stash for years, waiting to be used for something. I'm glad they (or at least a few of them, I still have some pearls left) finally did find a new home.

Then I also used some golden and silvery sweetwater pearls, and they have a compleately different kind of story. When I worked at the Mustio Mannor a couple of years ago, we sold these bracelets made out of sweetwater pearls in different colours. The problem was that they used to break quite easily, making the pearls roll all over the room. Of course, we tried to gather all the pearls and send them back to where they came from, but there were always some pearls left behind. So, occasionaly, when I a few days later found one lonely, lost pearl on the floor, I put it in my pocket :)