Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Snowflake mittens

This is the last Christmas present I had time to finish this year. Hopefully I'll have more time next year.

I promised already over a year ago that I would knit a pair of mittens for my friend, that would match her winter sharf (which is somewhat orange-pink-ish). And since this winter has been sooo cold, I decided that now it was really time to get it done. So here is the result:

Pattern: a mix of several ones
Yarn: Marks & Kattens Carolina Tweed
Needles: 3 mm

I call them snowflake mittens since I happened to stumble over those big white buttons and thought they looked just like snowflakes. Not more complicated than that :)

The other day I noticed that I had way too much milk, so I decided to bake a little.

This is only 1/5 of all the buns I made, all with cinnamon and sugar, because those are my favourites! Yummy.

The same day I had also been to the supermarket and picked up the newest Pirkka Ruoka -magazine (it's a small magazine filled with different recipes) and I decided to try out a recipe for bread that I found in there, just because it was made out of milk, too. But as I am horrible in following recipes, I had to make some small changes. I chose caraway in stead of fennel and mixed in some rye flour too to make it a bit darker. And I have to say it turned out delicious! Probably because I like caraway-bread so much :)


  1. Tack ännu för vantarna! Dom är faktiskt jätte fina, just i min smak! Och så är dom tillräckligt stora för mina långa fingrar. :)

  2. Jätte kiva om du tycker om dom! Ja va faktiskt lite orolig för att dom sku ha blivit för korta för dina fingrar ;)