Friday, 21 January 2011


Here they are, my first project from the lovely knitting book I got: Neulekirja by Ilona Korhonen & Jenni Österman. I actually saw one version of these socks on Napit puuttuu at first, and since they looked so lovely, I had to look up the book itself searching for the pattern. Then the book turned out so lovely too with a lot of patterns I'd like to knit, so I just had to add it to my bookshelf.

Needles: 2 mm
Yarn: Hot socks Marrakesch by Four Seasons Gründl

As always, I changed the pattern just a little bit. In stead of making five small holes for buttons, I made three bigger ones for these beautiful wooden buttons I found on (believe it or not) Stockmann. The 2 mm needles were killing me, though... It's so SLOW! I'm actually working on another project too, using 2 mm needles there as well. Who knows when that one will be finished...

Anyway, these socks turned out to be perfect for work since the "official colour" of the museum is almost the exact same shade of red as the yarn I used. So I guess they can't kick me out since I match their interior so perfectly ;)

Yesterday I went to the library to get (hopefully) the last theory books for my master's thesis. "Introduction to social psychology", "Introduction to psychology", "History and social theory", "What is cultural history?", an article about analyzing letters, some book about socialization within a society... Ugh... These books do interest me on some level, but the other part of me would just rather enjoy some fiction. But I guess it's the same for everyone: as soon as you're forced to read something, it starts feeling boring even though it was something you had chosen to study in the beginning. Sigh.

Well, back to work now.


  1. Hih, onpahan iiiihana tietää, että mun rojekti sytytti neulomaan nuo sukat. :) Sun tiikereistä tuli kivat!

  2. Ljuvliga sockor! Knapparna passar så bra på dem :)