Monday, 21 February 2011

Out on the ice

I know some people already complain about that the winter never seem to end, but I haven't actually grown sick of the snow just yet. Nor the cold weather. For some reason I've actually starting enjoying the blistering cold. It's nice to put on a lot of warm, soft and woolen clothes. The only thing that's actually bothering me, is that my skin turnes so dry during the winter. Right now both my face and my hands feel like sandpaper.

The nature is really the best part during the winter, especially now that the spring is coming and the sun is shining more and more. Unfortunately I usually don't have that much time to go outside and enjoy it. That's probably part of the reason I feel so tired all the time. But I'm not complaining about that now. In stead I wanted to post some wintery photos I took already a few weeks back.

It was in the middle of the day, but the sun was still only this high. Although I think the sunshine itself is actually prettier when the sun isn't as high up in the sky as during the summer. The light is somewhat softer.

Kids ice-skating.

Next we went out for a walk on the ice, i.e. the sea outside Helsinki. This is on the way to Seurasaari. I love the way the wind had formed some figures on the snow and how a single rock had forced the ice the burst around it. Like someone who want to be free.

A small animal had been there before us :) I think you were almost able to hear the quiet, small steps it had taken. We were the only ones out there too. Everything was so quiet. You couldn't even hear the sound of the traffic. And even though it was cold, you were still able to feel the sun warming your nosetip.

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