Monday, 20 June 2011

Petal earrings

I'm actually still not allowed to do any handicrafts until my wrists are fine again, but since it's summer and I was bored, I just couldn't help myself. Inspired by this blog, I made these crochet earrings:

Hook: 3
Yarn: Novita Tennessee
Pattern: my own

Since they were really easy to make, I decided I might as well share the instructions here in case someone else would like to have a pair of these.

Row 1: 27 dc around the earring.
Row 2: *Ch 4, skip one dc. Insert hook in next dc and fasten the chain with a dc. Dc in next dc* Repeat from * to * 'till the end of the row. Fasten and weave in ends.

During the weekend I went horseback riding with some friends. This was the second time for me, so I was actually a little bit nervous at first, but it went fine. We even went for a small walk following the road. Fortunately all the horses were really kind. They just kept following the leader so all I had to do was sitting there and enjoying the ride. And it was fun! I could have taken a longer ride.

The place where we stayed was very pretty and idyllic, so I also got inspired to photograph. Here's a few of the photos I took during the weekend:

One of the horses at the stable had a foal that was only 3 days old <3

A beautiful oak tree


  1. Jättefina bilder!

    & så nätta örhängen, jag har faktiskt kollat på liknande på Etsy! (Man kan ju aldrig ha för många, hehe)

  2. Tack, Linda! :) Är det fint landskap så blir det ju fina bilder också. Särskilt efter att man har kompenserat kamerans kvalitet på datorn...

    Och det bästa med örhängena är ju att sen när jag tröttnar på dem är det ju bara att göra nya!

  3. Ååå så söta örhängen och så stämningsfulla bilder! :)