Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lace, lace and lace

Remember the small doily I made not so long ago? That I decided was too small for my coffee table and became a lace doily for my lamp in stead. Well, now I'm proud to present the biggest lace doily I have ever made:

Yarn: Marks & Kattens Anemone
Hook: 3

It did take a while to finish crotcheting this one. I have to admit I almost felt like quiting when I came to the last few rows that were so long it felt they would never end. And at that point it also seemed like I somehow had managed to add too many stiches on the go, since it didn't turn flat agains the table, no matter how I tried. I also used much thicker yarn and a bigger hook than suggested, so I was afraid that was a problem too. But fortunately it turned out ok once I blocked it!

But in the end I'm very happy I managed to motivate myself to continue and finish this. Even though it gives me more of those granny points, it looks great on my coffee table. And just the right size! Not too big nor too small. And it's just the right colour. Good thing I already "happened" to have exactly the right kind of yarn, this way I once again used up a tiny bit of that huge stash of mine... ;) Perhaps I will some day be able to allow myself to buy some more yarn again...