Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Socks for a diving suit!

Well hello again! What have I been up to this autumn, you might think. Well, quite a lot actually. That's why it's been a bit quiet in this blog for a while. But the good thing with the fact that I've been busy is that I'll soon have a lot of nice stuff to show you! :)

First, a project where the deadline was coming up very, very fast:

My colleague at work needed a pair of almost kneehigh, tight socks to wear underneath her diving suit now that the waters are getting chilly up here in the North. I had three days time to finish them. And I did! :D

Pattern: from my head
Needles: 3,5 mm
Yarn: wool mixed with dog hair

The yarn was very interesting. My colleague asked me to use some of her own yarn. Most of it was wool from one of her own sheep and the rest of it was hair from her own dog. Together the white and the yellow turned into a lovely, pale beige colour. And since it contained some dog hair, it was really, really warm. I've tried one of her stoles knitted with this same yarn, and if you compare it with a regular stole made of 100% wool, the difference is huge! Too bad they don't sell yarns like this in shops... I'd use it for all my winter clothing!

Since I had to finish these socks very quickly, I didn't have time to do anything else than basic socks, without any fuss like cables or something similar. But once I reached the tip of the toe, I couldn't help myself. They just looked so dull and boring. I simpy had to add this small stripe made using the same textured stitch than in my grey scarf. And at least my colleague thought they looked cute. And she also said she'd never had socks that fit her feet so perfectly before. So I guess she was pretty pleased with my superfast work :)


  1. Cute socks! Yeah, I've heard the same: dog hair really is toasty warm.

  2. Perhaps I should ask all my friends with dogs to start giving me all their dog hair... :)