Friday, 26 October 2012

Hand dyed baby socks

This autumn I met a really cute and sweet baby boy who happened to turn 6 months old in September. Since I didn't want him to freeze during the winter, I decided to give him a small half-year-present:

Pattern: Vauvan ryppyvartiset villasukat
Needles: 2 mm
Yarn: Novita Wool, hand dyed with birch and onion

So, the first skein of hand dyed yarn used! The 50 g of Novita Wool was almost perfect for a pair of baby socks. There wasn't much of the yarn left when I finished these. I guess I have to hope there'll be more babies soon! :)

A 6-months-old little fellow is also very, very curious. Everything around him is interesting, especially if the things are colourful. Therefor I thought the boy also should have something to look at, and I sewed on these small teddybears :) Really think they brought that something little extra to the socks.

Happy yellow  and teddies for a happy baby boy

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