Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Truly, deeply black

Last spring I had time for a few courses from the handicraft teaching program. One of the compulsory ones was a basic course in knitting and crotcheting :) Sounds like fun, doesn't it? We just sat in a class knitting and/or crotcheting during the lessons. Talk about a fun way to get some credits for studying!

Anyway, I have a lot of smaller projects I finished during that course, but I decided to begin with the biggest one: a black sweater.

Pattern: partly my own, partly Tubey by Cassie Rovitti 
Yarn: Novita Kelo
Needles: 8 mm
In Ravelry 

I think I will have to do the Tubey-sweater again sometime, with different yarn. I'm not at all satisfied with the way this yarn looks in this sweater. The main reason for why I chose it, was that a) I already had some of it in my stash, and b) I didn't have enough time to knit a whole sweater with thinner yarn. 

I like the Tubey design, though. With the graphical, a little bit Snow-Whitey neckline. But next time I think I'll try to do a similar neckline without dividing the sweater in two peaces. Although that, too, makes the design a bit special.

Anyway, it doesn't fit that well and the thick yarn and big loops in the stitches makes it rather compulsory to wear a black t-shirt underneath. But at least it's quite warm, yet not too warm. The idea was to make a sweater that I could use during the winter on slightly more convival occasions. Like when you need to be kind of elegant, but still a bit cosy. I still do thing the design suits that purpose very well, however the thick yarn maybe doesn't.

So, in other words, this is the first project in a while that I'm not that happy with. Haven't actually used it at all yet, eventhough I finished it already in May. ...Although, it hasn't perhaps been cold enough just yet... :) 

And YES, I, once again, used that same textured pattern! :D But now I promise it'll take a while before you see it again!

Then, s small sneak peak of what's coming up next time on this blog:

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