Friday, 5 July 2013

More weft rags in a summer cinema!

Well, this was a slightly different project... At the museum I work in we have a summer cinema in the old drying barn where we show old finnish ethnographic movies in July. Therefore the four old wooden benches we found for it needed some soft covers. And fast. We had only one week left to the first show. But everyone started crocheting in superspeed and we actually made it!

This was a super easy, fast and relaxing project. And I really think they turned out pretty cute. They look a little bit like crochet rag rugs, just like the real rag rugs in the main museum building. We made them 30 cm wide and 240 cm long, and then just tied them to the bench as shown in the pictures.

But how can a project be relaxing even though we were in such a hurry? Well, the only thing we planned and decided on was the size and that we were going to use weft rags. The rest was just improvising. And it felt quite nice to actually, for once, just go with the flow without thinking too much. You just pick whatever colour that looks the nicest at the moment and go with it. And it didn't matter if the edges weren't perfect, because they were hidden underneath the bench anyway. All of us really got hooked to this project, and now that it's done, it almost feels a little bit dissapointing. What should we do now? Some more benches that needs covers, perhaps? Please? There's still some weft rags left, you know... ;)

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  1. Oi nuo on ihastuttavat!! tahtoo kans tuohon rantasaunan edessä olevaan penkkiin tuollasen päällisen!