Sunday, 28 July 2013

Miss Bambi - DIY ring

I think this might be the cutest ring I've ever had! Bambi <3

Originally it was one of my colleagues at work that came up with the idea for a ring like this but I thought it was such a great idea that I wanted to make one for myself too. And since it wasn't at all hard to make, I thought I migth as well share some simple instructions with you too.

This is all you need:

A ring base
A decorative glass stone
A small-enough picture

I didn't find a picture I wanted in magazines, so I simply printed one out from the internet. But remember, it has to be small enough to fit the ring base. Once you've cut it out, glue it to the ring base. Then, put glue only around the edges of the picture and press the glass stone on top of that. This will prevent the glue to blur out the picture. Last but not least, let the ring dry and then it's ready to be shown off to everyone you know! :)


  1. Fantastic idea, I have to try it. I've struggled with those glues. What glue have you used?

  2. I used Loctite Super Glue, but I think any superglue will do. Or am I wrong? Perhaps you've tried other ones. At least this one has held on nicely. I've even been washing my hands with the ring on and nothing has happened.

  3. Thanks for the hint. Bought the glue, now just waiting for spear time make my own rings.