Friday, 14 March 2014

Little Miss Ladybug

Well, my knittings aren't really progressing at the moment. There's just way too much work to do at the university. I'm there during the day, and when I come home I either continue with some homework or then I'm just too tired to even think about starting a project that's not compulsory. But only 2 months left and then I'm freeeee. Yay! :)

But, now I may say: Hurray for babies! They're just so small and knitting for them is just so fast and nice. Like knitting this little dress:

Pattern: Super Simple Baby Tunic
Yarn: Rico Design: Cotton Soft
Needles: 2 mm

This dress turned out wonderful and it's just so cute, isn't it?! And it fits the little babygirl perfectly (thank you so much for the cute picture!).

The dress itself is knitted in the round. I casted on for the bigger size, but since I wanted to use rather small needles, the finished size is actually quite perfect for a newborn baby. I didn't, however, find any nice pattern for a crochet ladybug, so I kind of had to come up with it myself. Never thought I'd manage that, since I'm so NOT a crocheter. But surprise, surprise! I'm actually very pleased with the result!

My parents also brought me a bunch of some wonderful buttons when they were in Paris last summer and now some of the buttons found their match in heaven.

Pretty good stuff!


  1. What a fantastic little dress and what a cute little dressowner!