Saturday, 3 October 2015

Something new and something old

The worst bamboo dishcloth boom has already started to wear off, but my first try was still waiting to be born. I don't know what exactly hit me, but one day I just decided I HAVE to make one too. Just to see how it works in real life. Is it practical enough to be a permanent inhabitant in our kitchen?

Yarn: Novita Bambu
Hook 2,5 mm

A similar pattern can be found here, at the eilen tein -blog. My dishcloth is however a little bit smaller and shaped like a square. 

So far I've been quite pleased with it. I really like the idea of a sustainable, washable dishcloth. And it works just as well as the old wettex one, but this will definately last longer. It could have been still a little bit smaller, though. You have to fold it once to make it fit the faucet, but that - in it's turn - makes it dry out slower. A larger hook would also have helped the situation, but all the right sizes had mysteriously disappeared...

I also crocheted a neat, little basket for our kitchen to store pens, notes and other small stuff in. It continues the candy theme I've mentioned earlier.


There's also some other new-comers to our kitchen since the last time you saw some pictures of it. The first one is an old kitchen scale that I found at a flea market in Lohja. The other one is a bowl from the Arabia Kirsikka series I found stuffed away in my mom's kitchen. It made a perfect new fruit bowl and is even small enough to fit the window sill!

The other polkadot kitchen scale is from Clas Ohlson. Just couldn't resist it when I saw it. It was just too perfect! And that's the scale we use the most, the old vintage one is more of a decoration. The plant on the window sill is a Stevia - a natural sweetener. Have you ever tried it? I sometimes find it quite tricky to cook with but it certainly is sweet!

Last but not least: here's a cute new pepper grinder I happened to stumble over at Tiger. So now my old Maatuska (a souvenir from my trip to Moscow in 2007) has a new friend in the kitchen!

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