Saturday, 3 July 2010


I was to the baptism today. I think the hero of the day behaved real nicely even though he was a bit cranky in the beginning of the ceremony. But no wonder! I would be angry too if someone woke me up during my nap and then poured some water on my head :) Here's the little cutie when he was still asleep:

And here's our godparents' certificates. I actually never thought I'd get the chance to be a godmother since I don't have any siblings. But luckily I now have someone to spoil after all.

And now I think I also can reveal what I made for the little boy:

Of course he also got a silver spoon, these small bootees were only like a small bonus. I found them on Ravelry and couldn't resist them. I thouht they were so cute. I just hope they're not too small. The boy grows really fast, so there's a good chance he'll never have time to wear them... But well, no can do. I had fun knitting them anyway! :D

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