Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Summer means knitting for me...

...or at least kind of. During the summer I usually have more time to knit than during the winter when I have all my studies, so no wonder I finish more projects now. Here's the latest finished knitting project; a black shrug. I'm a bit unsure about the sleeves, I might redo them later and make them long after all.

It was a quick and easy pattern, really easy to follow and the size fits perfectly.

Then to some other news. As I told you earlier I applied for the class teaching program here at the University of Helsinki. The results came yesterday and unfortunately I wasn't accepted. I was 7 points away from the minimum 203 points needed. Of course I'm dissapointed but I guess I just have to try harder next year. At least now I'm prepared for the tricky interview. It's just that there's so much to read for the written exam, that I don't know how I'll make enough time for it next year. This spring I only had a few lessons and even so I felt I didn't have enough time to prepare. But next year it's full-time studying again so it'll be even harder. But there's no point in being miserable. The weather has been so wonderful in Finland this summer so I refuse to let it pass me by. I know some people already complain about the heat, but I think it's great. I'm glad it'll continue like this at least for a few weeks more. The only bad thing about it is that it's so hot inside too. Last night I woke up several times because of the heat and was sweaty all over. Yuck. Air conditioning would really be a great thing...

Well, better get back to work again :)

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