Thursday, 19 January 2012

Needle organizers

Here's a hint for how to make your own knitting needle organizer! Already last year I got one beautiful organizer for needles, and this Christmas I got another one (the striped one). It's made by Fanciful Belongings and bought in Etsy.

But even though I had these two organizers, I still had a lot of long, straight needles and nowhere to put them. But then I got an idea! And since the idea is very simple, I decided to share it with you:

It started out with an empty Pringles can that I washed. Then I took a sheet of plain white paper and decorated it the way I wanted. After I had glued it on to the can (with just regular paper glue), I wrapped some thin yarn around the bottom part to make it look like some earth. And voilà! I new knitting needle organizer was born!


  1. Nämen vad händig du är! Vill du komma och dra kurs för Ungmartha nångång? Jag kan vara med som hjälpledare. :)

  2. Tja, varför inte? :) Kan lägga det bakom örat så kan vi prata mer om det nångång när vi ses.