Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pink elephants going for a swing

Last week someone new came to this world when a good friend of mine gave birth to a little girl. I just love knitting small things for babies. Those projects always turn out so cute, and they're fast to make too. Usually I always make a pair of socks or a hat or something, but this time I had a feeling this little girl would have enought of all that as it is, so I wanted to make something different. Something she could use for a longer time. And perhaps already before the winter. After searching among all the millions of patterns in Ravelry, I happened to stumble over a sleeping bag.

Pattern: Snug as a bug sleep sack
Yarn: main colour in Novita Saana, the rest are leftovers from my stash
Needles: 4 mm

As always I made some small modifications to the pattern. The ribbing isn't that wide and the sleeping bag itself is made a little bit bigger than the pattern suggested. I hope it will fit the baby the whole winter. Some people had also changed the bottom part of the sack and made it round, decreasing stitches like in a hat. But I decided to let it be wide so that the little girl would have room to kick around her feet.

The stripes looked nice, but the sleeping bag still needed something extra. So I knitted a small pink elephant to decorate it with.

Pattern: One patch from the Eläinsatupeitto in the book Neulo. Virkkaa. Kirjo. Jämälangasta! by Sanna Vatanen
Yarn: cotton yarn from my stash
Needles: 2 mm

This was harder than I thought. Obviously I have to practise colourworking some more...

I haven't seen the newcomer yet, so our pink elephant had to step in and be my model. At least some children in the parc found it very amusing that I took a stuffed animal out for a swing. But a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do! Anyway, I hope the little one will find her new sleeping bag cosy and warm.


  1. Mikä hauska idea. Todellakin vaihtelua myssyille ja tossuille. - What a fun idea! Nice change for socks or hats :-)