Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Drip drop

I think the summer of 2014 was officially the Summer of Love. I attended three weddings, and they were all beautiful. And along with the weddings, also comes wedding presents, of course. This time the bride asked for a small contribtion to their upcoming renovation of the kitchen, something nice for the interior decoration of the house OR anything homemade. After some thinking, I came up with an idea that combined all three of those wishes.

This is a set of handmade textiles for the kitchen. Two kitchen towels, one double sided pot holder and one crochet table mat.

The white fabric is 100% linen. The details and the initials are embroidered by hand. And inside of the pot holder is two layers of flanell and four layers of white cotton fabric to give it enough isolation.

Last spring I had a course in screen printing at the university, and designed some figures for that. This drop was one of them, and the only one that I actually didn't use during the course itself. But I had all kinds of plans for how to use it in the future. And here I've used a few examples.

Although it - once again - felt quite stressful to make something as a wedding present it was really a lot of fun printing and embroidering! And I didn't even have to do all the "boring" sewing myself. That's where my better half hopped in. For some reason he's decided he wants to learn how to sew. And I don't mind at all - quite the opposite. I think it's absolutely great that someone else is willing to do stuff I usually find quite boring :)