Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Mrs Granny

Finally, something for ME! It feels like I've only been knitting projects after projects for other people, so it felt really, really good to finish something that was meant for myself.

Remember when I went through my stash last summer and said you'd probably see a lot of stash-eating project from now on? Well, you haven't really seen that many, have you? But here's at least one! (That consumed both all of the white yarn and all of the lighter gray)

Pattern/Idea: Isoäidinneliö kauluri by Novita
Hook: 4 mm
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä, Gjestal Janne, Novita Princess Baby and some random white yarn from my stash.

Well, you don't really need a pattern for this one, but I got the idea from the pattern listed above. All you need is the amount of squares you want and then just crochet them together! I made 40 smaller ones to make a loooong cowl. This one is so long you can wrap it once, twice or even three times around your neck - depending on how wrapped up you want to be!

It kind of looks small now that it's finished, but while I worked on it, it seemed like just another never-ending project. The main reason for why I actually managed to finish this was all thanks to school. As the brainless project this was, it was absolutely perfect for having with you during lessons! Whithout all the lessons at the uni last spring, I think I'd still be crocheting those squares...

But do you really think I learnt my lesson? Oh no. After finishing one patchwork project, I started even a bigger one! But that, my friends, I don't think I'll be able to show you here for yet a very, very long time... But here's a little hint and a sneakpeak: natural dyes and...


  1. Näyttää todella herkulliselta! Eikä yhtään granny (?) vaan sellainen hauska Boho -viba! Ihana!!

  2. Haha, mukava kuulla! Vaikka ei se Granny-look ehkä ihan hirveästä haittaaisikaan kun on museossa töissä ;)