Wednesday 28 July 2010


Now, here comes the pictures I promised already a few days ago

I had planned to do all of this quite evenly while I was at my parents' place. But in stead of doing the most important thing, i.e. study the old letters for my master's thesis, I ended up knitting for most of the time. I think mt newest knit will be ready in just a few more days, yay! I'm so excited about it. I think it's going to be my favourite so far!

Then I also made a summer drink. It's a Pirkka-recipe (Hunajainen mansikkabooli) and was really easy to make. Just 1 l of apple juice, 1/2 dl of honey, 1 lemon and 1 l of strawberries cut in half. Then I put the whole thing in the fridge for a couple of hours and then added 1/2 l of sparkling water with the taste of forest fruits and some ice right before "serving" it. The next time I think I'll add a bit more lemon, because it was maybe too sweet like this, but nevertheless refreshing.

As the sun was shining on Sunday, I went out to take some pictures in the garden.

This is a some kind of a self portrait in the garden :D

But now I think I'll just let the garden speak for itself. First up something I think is like a small zen-garden, then just a lot of flowers :)





Wednesday 14 July 2010

Summer means knitting for me...

...or at least kind of. During the summer I usually have more time to knit than during the winter when I have all my studies, so no wonder I finish more projects now. Here's the latest finished knitting project; a black shrug. I'm a bit unsure about the sleeves, I might redo them later and make them long after all.

It was a quick and easy pattern, really easy to follow and the size fits perfectly.

Then to some other news. As I told you earlier I applied for the class teaching program here at the University of Helsinki. The results came yesterday and unfortunately I wasn't accepted. I was 7 points away from the minimum 203 points needed. Of course I'm dissapointed but I guess I just have to try harder next year. At least now I'm prepared for the tricky interview. It's just that there's so much to read for the written exam, that I don't know how I'll make enough time for it next year. This spring I only had a few lessons and even so I felt I didn't have enough time to prepare. But next year it's full-time studying again so it'll be even harder. But there's no point in being miserable. The weather has been so wonderful in Finland this summer so I refuse to let it pass me by. I know some people already complain about the heat, but I think it's great. I'm glad it'll continue like this at least for a few weeks more. The only bad thing about it is that it's so hot inside too. Last night I woke up several times because of the heat and was sweaty all over. Yuck. Air conditioning would really be a great thing...

Well, better get back to work again :)

Monday 5 July 2010

Champagne taste

Phew, it's been hot today. But it's nice too. I have this week off from work (except for tuesday and saturday) so I'm trying to get some work done on my master's thesis. It's just not that inspireing to sit inside by the computer when the sun is shining outside and it for once is warm even in Helsinki. I was outside for and hour and a half, but then I had to come inside again to prevent buring my skin. I'm still too white for this kind of weather since I've been working most of the sunny days so far.

I've had time to finish another handicraft too:

I'm not sure if I like this white purse or not. It's sweet but the shape is a bit... I don't know... Not like I pictured it anyway! But maybe I get used to it eventually.

You can also get a glimps of an impulse buy I made a couple of weeks ago, but here's a better picture:

It's a painting I saw in the shopwindow of a tiny, little shop a couple of blocks away from where I live. I love champage! :) Just haven't figured out where to put it yet, though. Maybe the kitchen? Or the bedroom since it's yellow? Hmm...

Saturday 3 July 2010


I was to the baptism today. I think the hero of the day behaved real nicely even though he was a bit cranky in the beginning of the ceremony. But no wonder! I would be angry too if someone woke me up during my nap and then poured some water on my head :) Here's the little cutie when he was still asleep:

And here's our godparents' certificates. I actually never thought I'd get the chance to be a godmother since I don't have any siblings. But luckily I now have someone to spoil after all.

And now I think I also can reveal what I made for the little boy:

Of course he also got a silver spoon, these small bootees were only like a small bonus. I found them on Ravelry and couldn't resist them. I thouht they were so cute. I just hope they're not too small. The boy grows really fast, so there's a good chance he'll never have time to wear them... But well, no can do. I had fun knitting them anyway! :D

Thursday 1 July 2010

New old dress

I'm going to a baptism on saturday, more precisely my godson's baptism. However, I was a bit stressed since I didn't have anything suitable to wear for the occasion, but then last weekend I remembered I had this old dress, I haven't used for ages. Mostly because it's a full-length dress, and there's hardly ever any occasion for that kind of a dress. Then it has also been way too big for me.

It really looked horrible on me when I tried it on. So I had to make some modifications, and this is the result:

I have to say I'm pretty pleased by the result. The biggest modification is the length, I now made it knee-length. And then I also had to make it a lot smaller around the waist. Last but not least, I also put on a white silky sash to accentuate my waist. But that part is removable, so I can wear the dress without it too, if I want.

Then I also made a pair of earrings that suits the dress:

With them I think I'll have the necklace I got for my own baptism: a silver locket.