Wednesday 8 October 2014

Look at her aura!

Crocheting fabric strips is so brilliant! It's fast, it's fun, and you get big, useful things done in no time!

This new rug for our tiny bathroom floor was a one-day project.

Pattern: a tiny version of the Aura-matto (free pattern)
Yarn: Noodles virkkauskude
Hook:  12 mm

This small rug was an even quicker project. This was made for my parents.

For the green one I used fabric strips made of leftovers from a t-shirt factory. Nice and eco-friendly, but the finished project isn't just as neat as the real "noodles" meant for these kinds of projects. The thickness of the fabric strips isn't consistant, which results in an uneven texture.

I like the idea of using fabric strips meant for rugs, though. I mean, if you think back at the time that was about 100 years ago, nothing was going to waste. Old adult clothes were sewn into smaller childrens clothes. And when those were worn out, they were made into wefts for rugs. The fabric strips then found a new home in striped rugs, where they lasted still for many, many years. The modern way of crocheting rugs is just a modern version of the old styled rugs.

Talking about reusing something old. Here's a tip for what to do with an old (and empty), nice-looking bottle of rum:

To make it last longer, I painted the etiquettes with see-through nailpolish, and they still look great even though there's water running down the paper almost every day. The tube for the soap pump also needed an extension since this bottle is higher than the original soap bottle it came with. But that was also easily fixed with a pice of another soap pump. I guess you could use a straw as well.