Monday 16 July 2012

Lace under a lamp

I've finally overcome my fear of crotcheting! And now I have a lace doily in my home! That gives me some granny-points, doesn't it? ;)

Yarn: Marks & Kattens Anemone
Hook: 3 mm
In Ravelry

I followed the pattern for the first nine rounds, but as it was still pretty small after that, I just made up a few more rounds as I went on. I originally intended to make this big enough for my coffee table, but as I'm still not that good at crotcheting, I decided to let this one be small and chose another (bigger) pattern for the coffee table doily in stead (more about that later).

This turned out quite perfect for a small, round table that I have next to my sofa! Now the white lamp has something to stand on. It also brings some more colour to the table. So I guess this was a success after all! :)