Tuesday 16 June 2015


Here's some photos I've been thinking about posting already for a while. Last spring I attended a course on how to dye with different methods and here's a few of the things I tried:

Ikat and gradient dyed yarn. Haven't used them for anything yet, though.

Two different shibori methods udes on fabric. The two-coloured fabric was dyed twice. The first time I only folded the fabric to a square and dyed it yellow. The second time I folded the fabric into a triangle and then used clothespins to make the dotted pattern. The yellow fabric was wrapped around a tube, tied with string and then scrunched down.

I also used the red and yellow fabric to practise embroidery with a sewing machine. Here I've decorated the fabric with small pieces of fabric in different colours, covered them with tuile and then I used free-motion embroidery to attach everything to the fabric underneath. This machine embroidery was actually a lot of fun! You should try it sometimes, if you have the chance!