Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas comes and goes

You'd think you had more time to blog during the Christmas holidays! But no, this is the first time I've not been knitting like a maniac to finisih all the presents, or been somewhere else than home or not being too sick and tired to even think about blogging. But here it goes. My big Christmas special. Just a little bit late.

Just one day before Christmas Eve I suddenly noticed that the elves had finally finished all the handmade Christmas presents. How do I know this? Well, they had left them all in a big pile on the kitchen floor, ready to the wrapped. And man those elves had time to finish a lot of gifts this year! This teaching job really seems to suit me! ...or, the elves, I mean. They seem to have a lot more time to knit nowadays...

So this is what I'll be blogging about for a while. That big pile. First thing tomorrow. I promise!

(p.s. The wonderful red Christmas carpet is from a Christmas bazar by the Marthas.)

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